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No time for meal planning and cooking? Busy week running the kids around between activities? Tired of picking french fries out from between the car seats?  We want to bring you and your family back to the dinner table! Let us take care of that home cooked meal whether it's just for that one hectic night or meals for the whole week.


Ready to Heat, Ready to Eat, Meals Delivered. From Our Kitchen to Your Table. 


We are a busy family just like you! Between work and two kids and what seems like an endless list of activities, we struggle with the ever so popular debate of "What's for dinner?". It's safe to say that eating out can get a little boring. Especially when our lovely little hometown (ahem...Jefferson, love ya though!)  has so few options and practically zero healthy choices in sight!  Zac has taken his 20+ years experience as a chef, and started The Catered Kitchen. Not only so he can spend more quality time with our family, but so he can also help families like ours do the same! Quality time with our families is so precious and fleeting. Don't spend that time hovered over take out boxes, in a noisy restaurant (with your perfectly behaved children of course), or cleaning up a mess in the kitchen. We offer wholesome and healthy meal options that you can feel good about feeding your family. Let us help bring you and your family back to the dinner table! ​


The food we serve at The Catered Kitchen is prepared from scratch using only the freshest ingredients available. While we have your favorite items available most of the time, our menu options will always vary to keep it interesting. Sign up to receive our weekly menus or contact us to schedule your next office catering or special event!

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Delivery Tuesday - Thursday

Most families are busy and meal planning and prepping can be exhausting. Let us take care of dinner one night or stock up for the week! Forget carry out and the usual unhealthy choices. Bring your family back to the table and enjoy a home cooked meal prepared by us. From Our Kitchen to your Table. Enjoy!


Delivery Monday - Friday

Call to schedule an office catering today!

Whether it's a once in a while work meeting, a holiday party, or a scheduled lunch 5 days a week, we can cater to your needs.


Upon Booking

Let us cater your next big event! Contact for pricing and to schedule a tasting today!


Delivery or Pick Up

       Home Delivery      

* Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon

   Pick Up at The Catered Kitchen

(386 SR 82 S Jefferson, Ga 30549)

* Tuesday and Wednesday 12:00 - 5:00

(pre-order or walk in)

Pick up at The Fork & Spoon 

(40 E Public Square Jefferson, Ga 30549)

* Tuesday - Friday 11:00 - 6:00

(pre-order or walk in)




386 Hwy 82 South
Jefferson, Ga. 30549


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